Thursday, January 20, 2022

Quest/Enerjet Quad Runner Build #Q5016, Part 4, 4 Motor Cluster Mount

Here's the parts for the central engine retention.

Bolt, washer, 2 star center pieces and a wing nut.

As in the other larger Quest kits - 

The Kevlar is doubled, the loose ends tied to the 1/4" wide elastic using an overhand knot. Simple and no slipping.

One of the star center pieces is screwed onto the bolt, almost to the end.

Another overhand knot is tied at the center of the Kevlar knot. The loop is slid under the head of the bolt.
The upper star piece is screwed up and against the Kevlar loop.

The second star piece is screwed onto the bolt. 
This assembly is glued inside and between the four cluster tubes. 

The washer is slid on and the wing nut screwed on the end of the bolt.
The washer holds all four motors in place - no tape or engine hooks needed.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Quest/Enerjet Quad Runner Build #Q5016, Part 3, 4 Motor Cluster Mount

The motor mount tubes are the same ones that come with the smaller  Quest kits.
There is a pre cut slit for an engine hook, but there are no metal hooks in this kit.
So . . . Place the side with the slit to the top. The engine block will strengthen that slit end of the tube.

I'm not a big fan of these thin, rough tubes. The lower (exposed) end got a wipe of CA glue and smooth sanding.
The tubes are marked with pencil for the centering ring positions.

I cleaned off the laser cut inside edges before gluing them in place. 

That black ash could get everywhere when sliding them over the yellow tubes.

The outside rings are slid in place.

I double checked the spacing of the rings before applying any glue.

Fillets are added afterwards. 
Notice I didn't continue the fillets inside the tight center, just the areas I could easily reach with a finger for smoothing.

The mount assembly was set on a flat surface to be sure all the engine tubes were in line.

The top was evened up using my sanding block. Don't sand the tubes, just press down on the flat block to get all the tubes even.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Quest/Enerjet Quad Runner Build #Q5016, Part 2, More Parts & 24mm Engine Mount

More parts:
Star Supports that center four 18mm motor tubes
Screw, washer and wing nut for engine retention
Kevlar line
The box says 18" nylon chute, but my kits had 16" chutes.

Mentioned earlier, 
The kit now includes a 24mm adapter. This mount fits the Quest 50mm tube.

Parts are standard.
On the 24mm mount:
I did punch some half circles for Kevlar and engine hook relief. This is the upper ring, the lower ring has one punch for just the engine hook.

The Kevlar line is doubled over at it's center and fed through the loop as shown.
The Kevlar looped line is pressed into the glue fillet.

This is the finished 24mm motor mount.

TIP: I always use electrical tape instead of masking tape for engine hook retention and better flex of the metal hook. Masking tape dries out and easily tears. Electrical tape can last for years.

Monday, January 17, 2022

Quest/Enerjet Quad Runner Build #Q5016, Part 1, Parts

Here's another build from the Enerjet by Aerotech line, the QUAD RUNNER.
This was part of the Quest Advanced Rocketry line. 2" diameter, 27.5" tall with a four 18mm motor cluster. This larger kit line is transitioning to the Enerjet by Aerotech brand. 
The kit has been revised and now comes with a 24mm adapter. If you want to try a cluster, the four engine mount is also included.

All the parts:
2" diameter nose cone and and (a bit heavier wall) body tube.
1/4" elastic and Kevlar Shock Cord
A 16" rip stop nylon parachute
3/32" thick surface mount balsa fins
The four engine cluster mount
Two 3/16" launch lugs
Instructions and sticker d├ęcor.
24mm engine mount shown in next post

Some parts of interest:
A paper masking guide template
A large sheet of stickers.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Estes Skylab #001973, Build, Part 31, Finished

Whew! Another finished Saturn V, this time the Skylab version.
Here's the front and back views.

With the newer two piece plastic fins, the low end is much stronger than the previous Centuri vacu-form fins.

The internal crescent fairing reinforcements help strengthen the fairing assemblies.

The middle reduction transition.

The Third Stage Wrap is the most difficult to mask and paint.
There are no shortcuts - You'll have to use the info found on page 12 of the instructions. It's sometimes easier to use the Metric measurements.

The new nose cone section. 

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Estes Skylab #001973, Build, Part 31, Finishing Up

Before the Dullcoat can be applied, 
You'll have to mask off the silver on the fairings and fins.
Dullcoats (and gloss clearcoats) will turn Silver paint into a dull gray!

I made some covers out of folded paper to cover most of the fins.

Here's the back end covered for the dull coat.

Before spraying, brush off any dust with a soft brush. Any dirt could be locked under the dull clear coat.

Well - this was disappointing!
The dull coat shriveled up a few of the small camera target decals. Not all of them, just two.
I don't think I went too thick with the clear. 
TIP: You might want to try some Micro-Sol to be sure the decals are sitting IN the corrugated surface and do light mist coats of the clear.

The last things glued on were the Solar Array Panels.
Mentioned earlier - You'll find it easier to glue these on after the painting is done.

I won't be covering the shock cords and parachute assembly. The shock cords use a standard tri-fold mount. Parachute assembly is normal - just larger in diameter.

Man Does Not Live By Rockets Alone!

With the Corona virus I been staying home, building and kitting a LOT of rockets - and getting a little stir crazy.

I bought a very small camper for some safe escapes! Empty it weighs just 580 lbs. It's really an empty shell with a power strip and an A/C unit on the front.
The fun part - you outfit it yourself!

I built a cot-sized bed (25" x 75") from 3/4" plywood, glued on indoor/outdoor carpeting and structural pipe legs.
The bed is only 8 1/2" above the floor. That still gives me enough room to sit up and not hit the roof. A 4" memory foam mattress will go on top. 
There'll be four storage bins under the two bed halves.
Everything fit well. I can easily slide out the bins for easy access.

There will be some weekend trips around Florida. I might meet up with my Sister when she does an Oklahoma Dog Show. If I like it enough - a cross-country trip to my first home in California!