Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Quest Q-Jet 3D Rendering

On the NAR Facebook page, Jim Parsons showed his 3D image of the new Quest Q-Jet motors:

Well, it looks like someone (Gary C Rosenfield) blabbed...
"3D renderings by Jim Parsons of the new Quest Q-Jets for the motor instruction sheet. Despite the way it looks, getting the initiator placed at the top of the propellant core space is not difficult at all. The slot for the A motor is actually quite large and runs from one side of the grain to the other. The slot for the B motor is somewhat narrower but extends past the centerline of the grain by about 1/16”. The C and D motors are center core burners. The Q-Jets were designed so that the initiator is positioned at the same location regardless of motor size. This is accomplished by a spacer tube installed between the propellant grain and nozzle. There is a piece of heat shrink tubing on the initiator leads that serves as a visual indicator of proper placement."

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