Saturday, June 14, 2014

Mega Mosquito Finished

Like the earlier Mini Mosquito build, I was trying to duplicate the 1973 catalog picture.
I did add a second "bug" decal to one side of the other yellow fin. The back side of the model needed something.
I didn't really like the decals supplied in the Mega kit. That Dymo Lettermaker font looks a bit rough!

I was happy with how the upscale decals turned out. They capture the feel of the 1970s Mini Brute series.
The older flyers will remember the Mini and Mega bug decals.
The facecard recommends only a D12-3, E9-4 and E9-6. The instructions list those three and add the D12-5.
Because I have them, this will fly first with a D12-5.


  1. Catching up on your blog..that is stunning!

  2. I finished my Mega Mosquito the same way as this one around 2015; back then I wrote in for the decals. Looks great, but it confused people at launch events... "What's a Mega Brute, looks like a Mega Mosquito". Yep I know, explaining it was not as easy as hopped. I guess you were not that famous back then, here in California. Perhaps your fame has increased; I'll bring it to my next launch to see if they know your name. Oh, and I always launch it on a Estes E or F something where the engines apparently have a decent chance of CATOing (2015-ish engines). The announcers would get everyone to pay attention just in case it blew up - “On pad 3 we have a Mega Brute, er..wha.. the Mega Mosquito on pad 3 launching on an E…”.

    1. Hi Scott,
      You'd probably had to be into rockets in the 1970s to get the gist of the old Mini Brute, Mega Brute decal reference. I enlarged an online Mini Brute decal but it was so bad I re-drew it.
      Regarding my California roots, I was only known to Santa Cruz and Santa Clara county rocket people. I was born and raised in Watsonville.
      The internet puts you in touch with a much larger rocketry audience.