Monday, June 9, 2014

Mike K's Nike Fake Smoke

On TRF, Kramer714 posted pics of the best design I'd seen in quite a while -

Real Fake Nike Smoke

"Me and the boy worked up a project for ROCstock. This year year is going to be a Nike Smoke mass launch. For ours we didn't want to use replica we decided to use actual Nikes. I'm not sure whey we didn't throw those away as the kid out grew them, but recycling them worked.
The Nikes are attached to a fiberglass honeycomb panel to stiffen them up. The backs of each show was cut off using the band saw and then the soles were tapered together so they would fit together. 38 mm motor mount.

Should be fun, might need to have a shoe cam on it."

Mike K

Check out the shoe fins and the cigarette filter -
On the upper picture is some burnt ash at the top.

This is brilliant stuff, Mike!
Thanks for the laugh. I look forward to the flight video.