Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Where Did The Sasha Design Come From?

On TRF, Ewomack asked about the Estes Sasha:
"Is the relatively new Estes kit "Sasha SA-2061" based on a real rocket? I can't seem to find anything online that it might correlate to. Is it just their own original design?

John Boren, designer of the Sasha responded:
"No, It is not based on a single Russian surface to air missiles. I was designing and building my NARAM 60 scale entry at the time which was a Russian SA-5 Missile. I was in the Russian Missile mood so I designed a looks like a scale model for Estes."

Here's John Boren's entry for NARAM 60:

Here's the upper stage from my Sasha build - 

If you were to drop the outside tubes with the turned out nose cones you can see the profile similarities. Well, that and rotate the four lower fins by 45 degrees. 
This is a great example of building a sport variation of a real rocket.

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