Thursday, July 31, 2014

ASP Corporal Build, Part 12, Vinyl Trim

It took two tries to get the wrap in line so don't press anything down until you are sure.

You'll have to peel back the starting edge to finish off the end.

The wrap was set down fairly tight around the tube, I was concerned it might not match up at the end.

The roll pattern matched up perfectly!

John Boren's Navaho Cruise Missile

There's a good reason why John Boren works in R&D at Estes.
If you haven't followed the Navaho build thread on YORF you should check it out - CLICK HERE

John's scale entry at NARAM 56 is the SM-64 Navaho Cruise Missile.

It will be an RC boost glider.
John had plans to install two micro ducted fan units, but in the end they won't provide enough thrust.

This will be the "must see" launch at NARAM.

Here's the Navaho on display at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

This one one of the two models I always wanted to build, the Navaho and the Mercury Little Joe.
After reading the build posts I think I'll stick to pigs and aliens.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dave Fitch's Entry in NARAM Concept Scale

I hope Dave got high scores for originality.
Bob Sanford Picture

ASP Corporal Build, Part 11, White Paint & Trim

After the primer, the model was shot with Rustoleum 2X Gloss white.
With Florida Summer humidity, It took three days to dry.

Wet sanding with 400 grit followed and the heavier finish coat.

I rarely work with vinyl trim. I'm going to take my time with the upper body roll pattern wrap, it's a "one shot".
Here's how it sits on the upper section with the small squares at the bottom.

To apply the vinyl, you peel off the heavy back layer.
You have to peel this off, back onto itself so you don't lift the black vinyl.

Don't touch the sticky vinyl or allow any dirt to get on it.

With the opaque white positioning layer it would be hard to line up along the body tube edge.
I cut off the excess along the bottom of the squares with scissors.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Ranger at NARAM

My Ranger made it to NARAM in one piece!
This was my entry for voting into the Seattle Museum of Flight Model Rocketry display.
12 models will be picked. I counted 15 entries so I've got a good shot!
The first 13 pictures are the museum entries: CLICK HERE
After that are the NARAM Scale entries.

There was some judging criteria -
The models couldn't be over two feet in length.
They should look like something a museum visitor would want to build.
Good finish, seams and grain filled, minimum 3/16 launch lug,
Original, iconic or concept scale type designs.
Overly complex models are not desired.

I tried the iconic design route, something a visitor to the museum would recognize from his youth. The Ranger was decorated like the old Estes catalog pictures.

ASP Corporal Build, Part 10, Fins and Tunnels

With a fin overhanging the tube end by 5/8", a piece of paper was taped around the tube to line up the front ends of the fins.

Beside the root edge of the fin you can see the sanded white gluing area.

All four fins were glued onto the tube and the alignment paper removed.

The tunnels glue directly above the fins.
New lines were extended down the tube and the primer sanded off.
There is a "gotcha" in the instructions. 
The instruction copy says the front of the smaller tunnels are 4 5/8" from the front of the long tube.
The illustration says the front of the tunnel is 7" from the front of the tube.
Looking at the illustration and face card drawing I glued them 4 5/8" from the top of the tube.

Here's how the model looks now with all the fins and tunnels glued on.
It looks larger than it is. The model is BT-50 based and 19" tall.

Painting should be easy, it's all white.

Monday, July 28, 2014

NARAM Live Manufacturer's Forum Video

From Saturday night, the NARAM Manufacturer's Forum is running -

Audio was hard to follow in some spots. I hope I heard everything correctly.
You just have to sit through the Swiffer Duster ads.

Some Highlights:
00:17:45 ESTES
John Boren talked about two more Sci-Fi models coming out later this year. Next year will see another scale model "bring back".
A large Honest John with a blow molded nose cone was shown. It may or may not end up being a kit.
The E2X Pro Series kits have new shock cord anchors. These new anchors are also being developed for smaller body tubes.
18mm pre-made boosters are also being developed.

Some big news - Quest is bringing most of it's kit production back to the U.S.
Bill Stine said the new versions of the Q2G2 Igniters will be available in October.
They will now be called "Starters". Because of a pending BATF regulation, it is changing how igniters are sold as accessories or separate from engines. Manufacturers cannot sell pyrogen based igniters separately from engines.
Quest is changing out the pyrogen so it doesn't fall into the definition of an "explosive". Estes had already did this with the newer "Starter" igniters.
The newer Quest igniters will have a slightly slower response time.
The Quest composite engines (announced two years back) have run into production problems. The European manufacturer can't keep up with the demand for the engines overseas.
EDIT from TerryG on TRF:
". . . Aerotech is changing the motor retention on their kits from clips to aluminum motor retainers. These will be available for separate order for 29 mm and 24 mm motor mounts."

00:42:40 FSI
David Lucas and Dave Bucher showed some classic FSI kits that are being sold at the NARAM.
Shrox will be involved with new FSI kit designs.
All the FSI scale kits will be brought back into production.
FSI will produce composite engines and would like to bring back black powder engines.

00:54:18 ARA PRESS
The N1 Reference book is now available.

00:59:00 BMS
Bill Saindon will be getting away from kits, concentrating more on parts production.
He might be bringing back more semi-custom parts.
A third nose cone machine is being made for more complex shapes.

Barry Lynch talked about the updated version of their EZ-I65 kit.
Larger LOC Angel parachutes are being developed.

On the same video at 1:14:00:
A promotion for the Australia THUNDA' DOWN UNDER meet to be held March 12 thru 15, 2015.
See: for more details.