Monday, July 25, 2016

NARAM Live Site is Active!

NARAM 58 is up and running!
The NARAM Live website is starting to post some great pictures from Saturday:           CLICK HERE
In addition to pictures, look for "YouTube Playlist". The Manufacturer Forum videos are there starting at Video #15..
For those who can't make the meet, it's the next best thing to being there!

Estes Red Max Build, Part 8, Paint and Decals

The great thing about the Red Max is there's no masking. The body is red, the nose cone is black.
You could just leave the nose cone as is, it's molded in black. I sand down the seams and fill the ruts. Primer/filler gets rid of any remaining seam.
The decals (with bad German accents) make the model!

Be careful as you cut out the decals. The clear coat on the big skull and crossbones decal should have been extended out, not so tight against the black outline - possible tears there.
The white decals (bottom piece) are almost impossible to see against the white backing paper. Hold up against a strong light to see the reflective coat.

TIP: I stacked up some CD cases to get a baseline that is parallel to the table top.
Set the decal so it is on top of or evenly spaced (side to side) above the CD case reference.

TRIVIA: I always thought this "TOP SECRET" decal was interesting. The current instructions don't show it on the model. That decal was used on a DOM entry called the Top Secret. Check out the post: CLICK HERE
On the decal sheet the "hit" decal (placed on the fin) is designated as optional. I prefer this funnier decal over the Top Secret decal.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Normal Stats!

It looks like the page views sources are back to normal again!
Russia is a medium green. Whew!

Estes Red Max Build, Part 7, Undercoats and Wet Sanding

TIP: The fin positioning line is carried under the back edge of the body tube.
With the fin positioned onto the body tube, the line would be completely covered. With the line continued over the back lip you have another alignment point.

The last post mentioned how little glue is used to first position the launch lugs. The same goes for the fins.
A very thin line of glue is applied. After I'm sure the fins are in line additional fillets will make a stronger bond.

The first white coat showed the raised fin grain on a few fins.
I did some some damp sanding with 400 grit. I hope these will disappear after the next white coat is applied.
The 400 grit I use now is the Norton Premium sandpaper.
It doesn't load up like the older black 400 grit did. Any paint that does stick is easily removed under running water with a soft brass brush.

Two 1" x 2" pieces were all that was needed to wet sand two Red Max kits. After brushing off the crud, the small pieces of sandpaper will be used again.

TIP: Don't use large pieces of sandpaper to wet sand your models. If you cut a larger piece (maybe 4" x 4") you'll probably sand using the just edge areas leaving the center clean. Cut that 4" square piece into smaller pieces to use the sandpaper more efficiently.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Estes Red Max Build, Part 6, Launch Lugs and Primer

The launch lugs are short, shorter than I remember.
After they were lightly tacked down and the glue dried, a rod was used to make sure they were in line.

TIP: When gluing lugs and fins try using very little glue initially.
It doesn't take much glue to tack them on. If they dry and end up out of line, it's easier to remove the parts and try again.

The fins and body tube will be shot separately with primer/filler.
A strip of masking tape the length of the root edge was set down the fin position pencil lines.

After the primer/filler dried you can see some raised pore lines.
The was also some open pores. The open grain got a rub of CWF and smooth sanding.

The primer/filler helps to fill whats left of the nose cone molding seam. You won't see this until the primer/filler is sanded down.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Russian Hits - What?

Today the blog got over 3,500 hits!
Sure I should be excited, but maybe not.

Over 2,700 hits from Russia?
Typically the blog gets anywhere from 750 hits to 1,500 a day. It varies, weekends get more readers.

These have got to be some sort of robotic hits but I'm not seeing any questionable sources like "Vampirestats".

I've cracked the country of Moldova this month! Great, now I have homework. What's a Moldova? 

EDIT: I just did a search. The first listing that came up was for Anatasia Date, a Moldovian Marriage site. Hooray! Rockets are finally a chick magnet with single Moldovian women!
The second listing: "Moldova, officially the Republic of Moldova, is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe, bordered by Romania to the west and Ukraine to the north, east, and south. The capital city is Chișinău."
See what you learn on a nerdy rocket blog?

Estes Red Max Build, Part 5, Nose Cone and Fin Marking

One of the nose cones had "scars" on it.
It looks like some plastic flash was cut off at the factory.

It looked worse than it was and sanded smooth with 220 grit sandpaper. 400 Grit was used before any spray primer.

This was one of the first kits to use this style of card stock fin marking guide.
I did have trouble getting it over the BT-60 tubing. The center hole was slightly enlarged with some 220 grit.

TIP: The engine mount was glued in first before marking the fin lines. Sometimes it's easier to glue in the mount first. You avoid any trouble lining up the engine hook under the launch lugs as the glue is quickly setting up.
So the engine mount goes in first, then mark the tube for the launch lugs and fins.

Two guides are used. Set both the "flats" on a table and mark with pencil in the V notches. Line the launch lug line directly over the engine hook.
Extend the notches down the tube with an aluminum angle.