Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Micro Fleet

Here's the active MicroMaxx fleet.
I built and flew a lot of Micro models when I got back into rocketry. They are perfect small field flyers. I just wish the delays were a little longer. Any light, streamlined model will eject before apogee.

From top left to right:
FlisKit Crayon, FlisKit Honest John, FlisKit M.A.C.M.E. Spitfire, Applewhite BIC Pen, Quest No Mercy, ASP Jayhawk, FlisKits Dim. Duece.
Middle, left to right:
Goonys, all downscales - Cloud Hopper, Piglet-sus, Missile Toe, Sky Shreak, Galaxy Guppy, Zoom Broom, Star Snoop.
Bottom, left to right:
FlisKit Interloper, Downscale Odd'l Break-Away, ASP Wac Corporal, Downscale Sky Writer, FlisKits HEMV 4.

The Quest No Mercy is the only RTF in the bunch.
The Dueces Wild, Crayon and Interloper went through some minor design changes.

Many of the carded Goony and SkyWriter downscale models are available for FREE as a printable PDF. 
Check out the "Free PDF Plans" button above.
Just mail me at and request whatever models you like.

Peter Alway Saturn IV Build, Part 19, Paint Fixes

How did this happen?
This will have to be re-shot.
I didn't want to shoot everything again, so there was some selective masking.

The surrounding areas were outlined with masking tape to sand down the paint edges.
The tape protected the surfaces around the bad mask.

Light sanding with 400 grit took just the raised edge off the black area.

Here's the full mask.
Scotch tape outlined the black box, then blue tape was applied around that.

A grocery bag covered the rest of the model.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Peter Alway Saturn IV Build, Part 18, Upper Body Trim, Part B

The cut tape wouldn't fit tight under the small dowel details.
I used my center punch to cut small relief areas to go around the base of the dowels.

Here's how the vinyl looked after punching. There is only two small recesses along the top.

The front and back views with the black vinyl applied.
It took a lot of small trimming to get everything to fit well.

A dry fit of all three sections.

This is an impressive design and the decals aren't even applied yet.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Peter Alway Saturn IV Build, Part 17, Upper Body Trim, Part A

The upper black squares were easy enough.
I could have masked and black sprayed but went the easy route with my favorite trim material, the Contact Paper blackboard covering.

To make the trim pieces for the shroud, another print was made on 110 lb. card stock. I needed it thicker so I could trace around it.
The pieces would have to match the curvature of the shroud.

A center line was drawn using my middle finger as a pencil depth gauge.

The black areas were marked.

The inset shows the black pieces traced onto the covering material.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Estes Mercury Redstone Available!

The Estes Mercury Redstone (Kit #1921) is available from Estes mail order CLICK HERE and soon from your favorite vendor.
This is the Series 20 tube, 2" diameter Centuri version. The capsule and escape tower are highly detailed plastic. The fins are laser cut "wood".
Recommended engine is the C6-3 with an estimated altitude of 200 feet.

In the future I hope to build this one on the blog. I'll get two kits, one to make the Mercury Redstone and the second to make a Little Joe I.

Peter Alway Saturn IV Build, Part 16, Cleaning Up Mistakes, Tips

Goo Gone can also be used to pick up over spray, but it is more aggressive than the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. Again, go lightly.

There is still some black paint around the detail pieces.
A little Goo Gone was applied to a Q-Tip and the excess wiped off on a paper towel.

Apply the Goo Gone then flip over the Q-Tip and remove the paint and excess with the dry cotton end.

Here's the same area after the cleanup.

Sometimes you can touch up with a Sharpie marker.
In direct sunlight you might notice the difference between the spray painted areas and a Sharpie touch up. Use a Sharpie only on ends and edges.

On the left you can see the black doesn't go all the way up to the root edge.
The inset picture shows the touch up.

Textbook Rockets - Launch Video

The Speed Reader Upcycling Textbook Rocket was launched
on Saturday, April 18, 2015
To see the launch video, CLICK HERE

Whew! It was stable.