Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Estes Black Brant III, Part 12, NRC Logo

After searching through a hundred fonts, I couldn't find anything close to the NRC logo shown in Alway's ROTW book. I'll have to draw something close.

Here's how it looks side-by-side in Corel Draw.
The NRC letters were traced over the book art with straight lines.
Then using the shape tool, curves were added to match the original.
Some line ends are rounded, others are squared off.

The only thing I can't figure out is how to change the line weight.
For example, the middle diagonal of the N is heavier than the verticals.

The Estes decal is much more detailed. To keep it easier I went with the Alway art.
This "meatball" will be pretty small on the model. It's close enough for me!

Ebay Adventure

I've been selling some rocket kits on EBAY.
I either have duplicates or it's a model I'm not interested in building right now.
There is three lots, two Quest and one Estes.
I have two Quest Intruder kits, one went to one lot, the second in the other.
I sold one Quest lot and boxed it up.

The picture to the left shows the other Quest lot, listed yesterday.
I picked up the Intruder kit and was wondering why the bag was bunched up. I tried to remove the parts from the bag.

The stick on decal sheet had somehow caught on the instruction sheet and pulled off the backing, all in one piece!
It's not salvageable and I certainly can't sell the kit without the decals.
The auction for this Quest lot was pulled from EBAY.
Now, what can I design with all the extra parts?

Monday, September 22, 2014

New Estes "Mystery" Kit

This one appeared in the "Coming Soon" page on the Estes website, then quickly disappeared!

is a futuristic mini-engine powered rocket.The kit features laser-cut wood fins, waterslide decals, and a parachute for recovery.

Decals: Waterslide
Diameter: .74"
Length: 13.4"
Recommended Engines: A10-3t, A3-4t
Parachute Recovery
Skill Level 3
Weight: 1.1 oz.

  Information is from the JonRocket.com website

Estes Black Brant III, Part 11, Fin Gluing

Good thing I checked back to the Black Brant III instructions at:
The "rear edge of the fins are even with the rear edge of the nozzle section."
I'll leave off the nozzle until after the model and nozzle are painted.
The nozzle is flat black, the only black on the model. Painting the nozzle first just saves a masking step around the fins.

I'll glue the fins on with the nozzle slipped in, no glue.
The nozzle will be painted then glued in later.

The root edge lines were roughed up with some sandpaper on a block.

A pencil mark was drawn under the nozzle lip placement of the rear fin root edge.
Look close and you can see the rear root edge overhanging the body tube end and onto the nozzle lip.

After the initial glue dried the nozzle was pulled out and white glue fillets applied.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Type Font Caps or Upper / Lower? TIP

This was a common sense rule when setting headlines at the print shop:
Don't set all caps when using a script or hand written style font.

Look at the first example.
The second "Hi Flyer" set in upper and lower is easier to read.
You shouldn't have to decipher any name decal set on the side of a rocket.

Here's one I've seen wrong on "Gangsta" cars and even tattoos.
Old English style fonts cannot be set all caps.
The second "Light Loader" name is simply easier to read.

When in doubt, set it both ways and decide of which one you'd rather see on your rocket.

Estes Black Brant III, Part 10, Nose Cone Lug Tip

The Estes Black Brant III instructions don't mention clearing the plastic from the nose cone attachment lug.
This tie point is square and the sides aren't that thick.
Normally I'd use a #11 X-Acto blade and cut out the square center.
I didn't want to take the chance of cutting through the sides.
I used a small rat tail diamond file instead.

The tip was spun in the center until the tip broke through.
The file was spun until the file edges met the square sides of the lug.

TIP: A round hole has less chance of breaking through. You aren't cutting out the corners with a sharp knife that might start a tear.
The little bit of plastic left in the corners make the attachment point much stronger.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Estes Black Brant III, Part 9, Engine Mount and Launch Lug

The fit of the mount was loose in the BT-50.
With a glue stick, one wrap of copy paper was glued around both green rings.

Glue was applied inside the tube using the dowel pencil line from the last step.
The coupler was quickly inserted and pushed in place using the engine mount up to the lower pencil line on the engine mount tube.
The engine mount was removed.

After the coupler glue had dried the mount was glued in.
With the coupler in place you have a "stop". The mount is slid in until it stops against the reinforcement coupler edge.

The Estes instructions have you glue in the nozzle and mask if off for the black paint.
Don't glue it in now, paint it black then glue in place and save yourself some tight masking.

The launch lug is glued in line with the engine hook, 4" above the end of the body tube.