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Here's the GooneyBirds, downsized for MicroMaxx engines. 
All fly, and fly well!

The Quarter is there for a size reference, they are really that small!
These are made around a BT-5 body tube. The fins are cardstock, sandwiched over cereal box cardboard.

The newest downscale is the BLACK BRANT VB, drawn up using data from the Peter Alway Scale Bash book.
A BT-5 is under the body skin wrap and it uses the long plastic nose cone from the Estes nose cone pack.
1/2A3-4t and A3-4t engines are a good fit. Streamer recovery.

Here's the classic Centuri BANDITO, complete with the wedge fins.
Built around a BT-5 it flys best with a 1/2A3-4t or A3-4t engine.

The Centuri HORNET is a sport flying classic.

This one is BT-20 based.
A stable high flyer with an 1/2A3-4t or A3-4t.

The Centuri ASTRO 1 is BT-5 based and stands 8 1/2" tall.

It'll scream to narly 500' on a 1/2 A3-4t with streamer recovery.
You'll just need a nose cone with a little nose weight.

Here's an original Gooney, PIGLET-SUS!
It's a MicroMaxx downscale of my larger PIGASUS.
Built around a BT-5 mainframe, it uses nose-blow recovery.
The next time a nay-sayer says: "Yeah, when pigs fly!" - you can call their bluff.

This is the SKYWRITER Downscale, the highest flyer in my Micro Maxx series.
It's body tube is a wrap, rolled around a 1/4" dowel.
It feels like you are holding a real pencil in your hand.

The A-20 DEMON is BT-20 based and stands over 14" tall. It's a great flier using Estes Mini engines like the A3-4t


Here's the Estes Classic Downscale WOLVERINE 
It's built around a BT-5 and stands 6 3/4" tall.
Mine flys on 13mm engines.

Built on a BT-20 airframe it is 11 5/8" tall.
A ornate, stable classic.

Built around a BT-5, it stands a BIG 7 3/4" tall.
This paint scheme is from the 1969 Estes catalog.
Fly it with 1/2A3-2t and A3-4t engines.

All PDF plans are hosted at Wayne Hill's Rocketry Blog - Click HERE 
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