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Print, build and fly!
These models use printed "skins" over the body tube, launch lug and cereal box cardboard fins. No painting except for the nose cone! Be sure to give them a good clear coat to protect the ink from a wet grass landing.

Here's the GooneyBirds, downsized for MicroMaxx engines. 
All fly, and fly well!

The Quarter is there for a size reference, they are really that small!
These are made around a BT-5 body tube and use the Mosquito style nose cone.

The newest downscale is the RED MAX.
It uses the Quark style nose cone and BT-5 body.
Not much room for a streamer, it'll recover fine using just nose-blow recovery. Fly with 1/2A3-4t and A3-4t engines.

Perfect for teaching, the new CUTAWAY ENGINE is wrapped around half of a BT-60 body tube. Optional labels are included.

Here's a BLACK BRANT VB, drawn up using scale data from the Peter Alway Scale Bash book.
A BT-5 is under the body skin wrap and it uses the long plastic nose cone from the Estes nose cone pack.
1/2A3-4t and A3-4t engines are a good fit. Streamer recovery.

The classic Centuri BANDITO, complete with the wedge fins.
Built around a BT-5 it flys best with a 1/2A3-4t or A3-4t engine.

The Centuri HORNET is a sport flying classic.

This one is BT-20 based.
A stable high flyer with an 1/2A3-4t or A3-4t.

The Centuri ASTRO 1 is BT-5 based and stands 8 1/2" tall.
It'll scream to nearly 500' on a 1/2 A3-4t with streamer recovery.
You'll just need a nose cone with a little nose weight.

Here's an original Gooney, PIGLET-SUS!
It's a MicroMaxx downscale of my larger PIGASUS.
Built around a BT-5 mainframe, it uses nose-blow recovery.
The next time a nay-sayer says: "Yeah, when pigs fly!" - you can call their bluff.

This is the SKYWRITER Downscale, the highest flyer in my Micro Maxx series.
It's body tube is a wrap, rolled around a 1/4" dowel.
It feels like you are holding a real pencil in your hand.

The A-20 DEMON is BT-20 based and stands over 14" tall. It's a great flier using Estes Mini engines like the A3-4t


Here's the Estes Classic Downscale WOLVERINE 
It's built around a BT-5 and stands 6 3/4" tall.
Mine flys on 13mm engines.

Built on a BT-20 airframe it is 11 5/8" tall.
A ornate, stable classic.

Built around a BT-5, it stands a BIG 7 3/4" tall.
This paint scheme is from the 1969 Estes catalog.
Fly it with 1/2A3-2t and A3-4t engines.

All PDF plans are hosted at Wayne Hill's Rocketry Blog - Click HERE 
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