A couple of personal thoughts about STUFF.

The one thing I've come to realize in reading forum posts is that everyone has their own opinions. I may disagree 100% with that opinion, which of course is simply my own opinion. To say the Estes 29mm E16 & F15 motors aren't impressive to watch fly in a Pro Series size model is in my opinion a false statement. There are MANY people out there that love to see a large model take off slowly, arc over and then to actually be able to see the chute eject and open up. There are others that like to use V-Max type motors where you see NOTHING of the flight since the rocket is there one second, gone the next and then the next time you see it is when the model is floating down. I prefer the slower type of flight. I also prefer models that don't go much higher then what I can see, while others like to fly just under the fields maximum flight waiver if you fly at a club. Again everyone has their opinions. I've learned over my time here as the sole designer of Estes rocket kits to ignore people who have very STRONG opinions to put it mildly. Product is produced for the masses, meaning it isn't produced for the few thousand people that view the forums and the much lesser of which actually post a message. If product was only produced for the forum type modelers, Estes would be out of business since there simply isn't enough of you to keep us in business. With that said, do I listen to what people would like Estes to bring back or make new, sure; I've been designing, building and flying model rockets for some 45 years now and most likely think rocket XYZ was super cool looking when I was growing up and think it would be cool to others as well if it was brought back as a kit.

As for, is the entire line of Pro Series builder kits going away, I can't personally answer that, since I'm not in charge of what is or isn't going to be discontinued and even then the person(s) in charge of this can change their mind. I would say however that if you like what you see, buy it now even if your only intention is to us the kits for parts.

In a perfect world everyone ones opinion would be ignored and they would simply listen to what I say. (Jedi Mind Trick) You don't need to eat and pay your mortgage, you need to buy more Estes Rocket Stuff! 

John Boren