Friday, October 2, 2015

Dr. Zooch Ares I-X Build, Part 6, Body Wraps

Page 4 has you glue on the longer BT-20 wrap first.
I attached the smaller BT-50 upper wrap first. I figured I'd practice on the smaller wrap before tackling the long BT-20 wrap.

Dr. Zooch always instructs you use white glue on the inside edges. I didn't have good luck with this method the first time around and now use glue sticks.

Just like the shrouds, you can pre-curl them in the heel of your hand.

An even coat of glue stick was applied and the wrap was quickly rolled onto the body tube.
Lay over a clean piece of copy paper and burnish.
If the seam ends aren't staying down, slip some glue underneath with with knife blade and burnish again.

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