Monday, June 27, 2016

Estes Interceptor Build #1250, Part 14, Wing Pod Gluing

The two piece wing pods were glued on with the Beacon Fabri-Tac Glue.
If any of this thick glue squeezes out, wipe it away immediately. It is a bit gummy going on and dries hard.

After drying, the wing pods seem strong and very well adhered.
Notice the gap at the front of the pod/wing joint.
The gap was filled in with two fillets of Titebond M&TG.
After a small spray of gloss white, any fillet marks and glue boogers were sanded down for the next color coat.

Sure it'd be easier to paint the pods separately and glue them on afterwards, but I wanted to get rid of the gap at the pod/wing joint.

I had to dry fit the antennas on the vertical fins and see what the model profile looked like.
This was a very cool design in 1971 and is still impressive 45 years later.


  1. It's amazing to me that's a 45 year old design. Extremely forward-thinking for its time. All the proportions are just right, and of course the nose cone is classic.

    I also feel like almost all of the more recent Interceptor-derived follow-ups are not as nice as the original.

    Great stuff.

  2. Hi Neil,
    Yeah, the fins are three pairs of two for six total. Each pair is a different shape, but they all work together well.
    A great design with a LOT of decal detail is the Sirius Interrogator. That kit and build is a favorite, sort of reminds me of the older Estes styling.