Monday, May 4, 2015

Downscale Carded A.S.P. Part 1, Background

I've always wanted to build the A.S.P or
Atmospheric Sounding Projectile
since the first time I saw the Estes Plan #37.

Check out the instructions at JimZs - CLICK HERE

Estes did come out with an ASP kit years later but it didn't have this paint pattern.

I drew up a carded BT-5 based version.
No painting, except for the silver tip of the nose cone.
The body tube and fins get printed wraps.

This was a tough design to get correct!
You couldn't simply draw a fin, copy and flip it over.
From left to right, the first and third fins are the same. Fins two and four are opposites.

On the left is the first set I drew up. These were wrong.
By the time I was ready to glue the fins on, I realized my mistake. The red and black sides didn't match up with the body tube patterns.
Checking Peter Alway's book, Rockets Of The World, I noticed the spinnerons (spin tabs) were also on the wrong side.
On the right are the corrected fins.

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