Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Downscale Carded A.S.P. Part 2, Fin Prep

NOTE: Your printed fins and location of the spin tabs won't be the same as pictured below. This is the first build before corrections were made to the PDF. Your model fin color and spin tab position will be correct. The following posts can still be used to help make the model.

Patreon members can email me at:
oddlrockets@bellsouth.net and ask for the A.S.P. PDF.

The fins are three-ply.
The outside skins are printed on 110 lb. cardstock.
The interior layer is cereal box cardboard.
The outer print skin will "butterfly" fold over and glue to the card stock interior.

Sand the glossy print side of the cereal box sheet for better glue adhesion.

The inside leading edge has to be straight.
Cut a straight line with a sharp blade and straight edge.

Lightly sand the edge round for an easier fold of the outside skin.

These fins are different, they have a spin tab (spinneron) on the left side of all four fins.
Pre-cut just the tab trailing edge before cutting out the whole fin or folding the leading edge.
Cut only the fin tab trailing edge side for now.

Use a dull butter knife, no serrations on the tip (or the rounded back side of a single edge razor blade - put a few layers of masking tape over the sharp edge now facing up) to emboss a fold down the "fold line".
TIP: Don't cut into or through card stock to make a fold line.
Try making a long shallow embossed "trough". Practice on some scrap to get it right.

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