Thursday, May 7, 2015

Downscale Carded A.S.P. Part 4, Fin Fold and Skin Gluing

The through cut was made on the other side. The other side of the fin (shown here) is oversize to insure there is color coverage when the fin is cut out.

Here's the (larger printed area) back side of the fin. You can see how the cut is inside the ink bleed area.
Cut the root edge first.

Turn over the fin to cut the trailing edge.
Cut lightly only through the top skin and card stock center, leaving the spin tab still attached on the other side.
This is not as hard as it sounds.
Start the cut using a straightedge. Finish with light cuts.
You'll feel when the center layer is being cut off.

Apply a glue fillet on the spinneron edge.


  1. I have one last question regarding the freedom 7...I think. When the boilerplate shroud is applied to the nosecone, there shouldn't be any balsa showing at the bottom, correct? I have about a 1/8th piece of nosecone showing at the bottom of mine. That's an awful lot of taper that I would have to sand away. Sorry it took me so long to get into the Zooch kits, thus all the tardy questions

    1. Hi Daniel,
      I reread your question. I think I got it wrong the first time. I deleted my first reply.
      If the main (largest) shroud doesn't fit the taper, you will probably have to sand down the nose cone taper. Sand, dry fit - Sand, dry fit until you get the shroud to cover the capsule.
      The kit comes with a few different shrouds, cut out and try another to be sure.
      The upper end of the shroud didn't fit on my model. I had to sand down the upper half of the nose cone capsule for a good fit.