Thursday, March 24, 2016

Madcow Bomarc Build, Part 5, Wing and Fin Gluing

The tied shock cord is rolled up and stuffed into the engine mount tube.
The engine mount was glued into the rear of the body tube. Both tube ends are flush.

The main tube has been marked down its length for gluing on the wing assembly.

While the wing assembly glue dries, mark the tube for the two ramjet pod locations.
Cut out the wrap, roll and tape it around the front end of the tube. On the wrap is a line that says: "Center Line of Wing". Set this over the pencil line running down the tube.

Mark the pod locations and extend those pencil lines down the body tube length.

Apply a line of glue down the body tube on the center pencil line.

Set the body tube over the wing and press into the glue.
The rear edge of the stabilizer is even with the body tube end.
Double check the alignment before the glue can set up.

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