Saturday, July 2, 2016

Estes Interceptor Build #1250, Part 20, Oops, More Decals!

I couldn't figure out why this decal was so tall. It didn't make much sense why it would roll over onto the sub fins.
I set it place and made a fingernail crease at the lower fillet. The decal was cut on that crease so it would stop at the sub fin root edge.
Here's how the back end looked with the decal cut short.

I must have been tired, all these decals take a while to apply.
I should have looked up the older Interceptor instructions at JimZs - CLICK HERE. If you go to page 5 and 7 you can better see the decals. You can't see this placement on the new instructions.

I kept the halves I cut off and added them back later.
The longer decal does look better, you can't see the cut. Next time when in doubt I'll look up some older, more detailed instructions.


  1. When I built my Interceptor clone
    ( I needed a whole day to apply the decals. I had a sore neck afterwards.