Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Estes Red Max Build, Part 2, Engine Mount

After applying some CA glue to the inside top and bottom of the engine mount tube, the tube edges got some CA, too.
The edges will be squared off with some 400 grit on a sanding block.

Before applying CA to the inside tube, look ahead in the instructions. Be sure that nothing will be glued over the area that got sealed with the CA glue.
Here's a before and after punching of the centering rings.
(The top two rings should be flipped, the one on the right should be on the left. It's the lower ring.)

Pencil lines were drawn through the centers.
The right sides get a punch for the Q-tip tube that'll be part of the replaceable Kevlar line.

The ring on the right got a small "divot" punch to go over the upper end of the engine hook..

The lower ring (on the left) is placed lower than the instructions say, 1/2" from the end of the tube.
The upper ring is set farther down and over the top end of the engine hook, again for more strength.

The red tube is a hollow plastic Q-tip tube. With the rings dry fitted I can cut the tube to size. It'll end up just a little longer than the space between the centering rings. The ends of the tube will stick out the holes on either side, about 1/16"

The upper ring ended up about 1 1/8" from the top of the engine mount tube.

TIP: If you have a ruler that has the measurements starting even with the end, use it to check the ring depth three or four places rotating it around the tube. This will get the ring placement 90 degrees to the tube.

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