Thursday, July 7, 2016

Estes Interceptor Build #1250, Part 24, Misc. Details Part B

This was interesting, I didn't notice until the clear coat was being applied.
The recommended engines are set into a decal. You'd have to look twice to find them.

I used the Beacon Fabri-Tac glue to attach the tailcone and antennas.
It seems to work very well, almost better than some of the plastic glues you buy in a tube.

The only disadvantage is it's messy. There's always a long glue "string" when you pull the bottle away from the applied glue area. It's gummy when dried, sometimes you have to roll off the excess so be careful how much you use.

This glue seems to be good for nose cone bases, tail cones and parts like the antennas shown here. I wouldn't use it for a Redstone or Little Joe tower. Too messy! 

NOTE: I went back and forth on whether to glue on the tail cone or not. This model was built with removable Kevlar. There's not much open area inside the tail cone to grab the Kevlar tail and pull it out. I played around with long tweezers and could get the Kevlar line. It takes a little more effort but can be done. The tail cone was glued on.

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