Friday, July 29, 2016

Estes Red Max Build, Here Kitty, Kitty!

What the Hello?
If I have two of the same kit, I'll build both at the same time. Sometimes the two identical models will get a different decor.
These Hello Kitty decals were offered by Excelsior, Sandman Decals. Gordie is limited in his decal production now, the Alp printers are problematic. He might still have some of these in stock. Sorry, I don't have this art available.

That little decal at the center right shouldn't be in this picture. That's actually the small white decal Gordon made up for the Mini Max nose cone. The Estes Mini max kit doesn't include the white decals.

Alps printed (and home printed decals) require a clear coat before transferring. Home print decals seem thinner and a bit harder to position than kit decals.
TIP: Where I can, wide body wrap decals are cut in two for easier placement.
I've heard of problems placing the Mega Red Max (bigger, Pro Series II) skull and crossbones decal. On the new Little Joe II I would probably cut the large wrap into easier to place smaller pieces.

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