Friday, August 11, 2017

Estes Starship Nova #1371 Build, Part 7, Low Intake Tube Rings

Draw the cut and alignment lines down the length of the tube, don't cut until after the reinforcement rings are in place.

The rings are glued on the ends of the tubes, lining up with the pencil lines.
On the right I'm adding a small inside glue fillet with a Q-tip.

After the glue dries the burnt edges were cleaned up with some 400 grit wrapped around a pen barrel.

You can see the inside edge is lighter with the burnt edge sanded off off.

I did try to paint the inside of the tube black before gluing on the ring ends. I found out it's easier to blacken the inside after the long piece is cut out as shown in the next post.


  1. Hrm... Just noticed something peculiar the instructions (found on the JimZ site) -- there doesn't seem to be any mention of painting the inside of the "ventral intake" nor the "drive units" (which appear orange in the catalog images). In contrast, the instructions for the USS Andromeda and Alien Invader do tell you paint the inside of the "drive unit" with a white undercoat followed by s coat of fluorescent orange. Granted, the "drive units" on those kits are easily masked -- but I'm thinking it should still be possible, though it would require some brush painting for the front and rear faces and some of the surrounding areas.

    1. Hi Naoto,
      It would be hard to see the inside of the lower intake tube unit. It would also be difficult to get good paint coverage after it is glued on.
      Regarding the "drive Units" - stay tuned . . .