Monday, August 7, 2017

Estes Starship Nova #1371, Part 1, Parts

My Internet is back! I did like the McDonald's coffee, though.
Now if I can get this printer working . . .

Here's the new re-issue kit, The Estes Starship Nova.
Most parts are good, a few not so much . . . 

The laser-cut balsa lines are a bit rough. It's like the laser was running and somebody kept bumping the machine. Lots of little wiggles will require some extra sanding to even out.

I wish the printed index stock sheet was a little thicker. It does appear to be close to 110 lb. stock.

Here's what everybody was waiting for, the "drop-down" nose cone.
Judging by the shock cord attachment loop this was made using the old molds.

The main tube without the glassine coat. Many were surprised the kit was released with this marginal part.
It's thin, rough and the spirals are wide.
It'll be replaced with some BT-50H tubing.

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  1. Well with all the apparent foibles of this kit (weak tubes, laser wobble, confusing instructions) Estes has Sold out of it - at least on their website. I know I got mine. I just hope Estes was listening when the new kits are in, because I'm thinking I may get another one...