Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Estes Nemesis #2175 Build, Part 8, Damned Florida Heat and Humidity!

I seem to run into this every year. Florida heat and humidity really screws up paint drying and re-coat times.
This one had two days after the first coat was sanded down. Two full days! 
The can recommends: "Re-coat within one hour or after 24 hours.
Plastic nose cones typically take much longer to dry. Wood and body tubes dry quicker. Wood and body tubes "breathe", plastic doesn't.
On this model I hit the nose cone first and a bit of the body. Good thing I stopped before spraying the whole model.

TIP: One thing I've learned is to spray a little area and wait a minute before spraying the rest of the model. Check that small re-coat surface. If there isn't any wrinkling of the paint you should be good to go!
(Notice I said "should" be good to go.)

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