Sunday, August 6, 2017

Hobby Lobby Clearance Rockets

I had a lightning strike yesterday. Not close to my house, but close enough. After getting a new modem a few days ago, my home internet is down again!
This requires me to go to McDonald's for breakfast and free WiFi. If I miss a post, it's not by my choice. (That and my printer may be down for the count!)

After seeing the TRF post by Goose In Co, I stopped by Hobby Lobby yesterday to check out the clearances and re-stocking of model rockets and supplies.
I picked up the Puma and Nike Smoke kits. The clearance prices are attractive at 40% off. I couldn't combine the 40% off coupon on clearance items.
The Booster 55 units were down to 59 cents.
Also on clearance were: Super Neon, Sequoia, Mini Fat Boy, Indicator and the E16-8 and F15-8 engines.

Now, let's see what kits replace those on clearance . . .


  1. When I first read that, I thought the lightning strike was due to you buying more rocket kits at Hobby Lobby..
    I hope they replace your modem at no charge.

    1. Hi Moontana,
      I woke up this morning and the modem is working! It had to be a lightning strike on one of Bellsouth lines. so far - so good.

  2. I will be sending you a launch report for Aug 5 launch in Astatula by USPS since they are lightning proof. The mini Fat Boy kit can be kit bashed for goonie birds. Those 8 second delay E and F motors might be questionable given the weaker black powder Estes is using these days. I noted that issue with the A motors a while back.

    1. Hi Manuel,
      I look forward to the report.
      You're right, Mini Fat Boys (and Baby Berthas) are great for Goony models.
      As you mentioned, the BP does seem to be weaker, but those ejection charges seem to be stronger.

  3. I'm hoping the black powder 29mm motors won't be discontinued by Estes. Been having a problem getting those lately. Much simpler and easier to cluster fire and direct stage BP motors than composites. I'm a big believer in the KISS principle.
    Saw on one of the forums that the casing supplier for the Quest composites backed out. They found another supplier, but now the motors have to be recertified. Was wondering why the "imminent" announcement never materialized. Wonder if they'll only be Ds and Es, like Aerotech, or if they'll make A to Cs for the low power crowd? Laters.

    1. P.S.: Chris
      I just remembered, when building the Puma kit, the instructions say to cut the three dowel "guns" to 1" each. Should be more like 1.5". Otherwise they will not project out past the tail and wing corners. I just built one a few days ago.

    2. P.P.S.
      Just remembered another "gotcha" on that kit. After assembling the wing pods, be careful when attaching the pod pylons: they are not symmetrical. There is a front and back, if you reverse them then when you glue to the wing the tabs won't fit (one long and one short tab). And be prepared to use lots of filler/putty to fill in those tab slots. Still, it was a fun build.

    3. Hi BAR,
      I started the Puma last night and put together the wing pod/engine things. They remind me of the fin intakes on the QCC Explorer. Too much filling required.
      Thanks for the heads up on the dowel lengths.
      I dry fitted the wing pods on the wing and tried to fit them on backwards! It's easy to do. "Fit twice - glue once" I guess.

    4. To BAR,
      I would think Estes would keep making the 29mm engines. We'll see if they come out with any more 29mm kits.
      Quest has a lot of money and time invested in the 18mm composite engines. Fingers crossed.