Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Estes Starship Nova #1371, Part 2, Engine Hook TIP

I've covered this before, getting rid of the finger tab extensions on the Estes engine hooks. I'll show the process for the new blog readers.

You'll need three pliers, an end cutter, small flat pliers and needle nosed pliers.

Using the end (or wire) cutter, score the middle of the sharp bend. Don't try to cut through the hook, just squeeze hard and score a straight line in the middle of the bend.

With your left hand, grab the first bend of the hook with the needle nosed pliers. The scored line is just to the right of the side of the pliers.
Keep hold of the needle nosed pliers on the hook.

With your right hand grab the finger tab with the flat pliers.

(The needle nosed pliers aren't shown for clarity.)
Just to the left of the flat pliers is the scored break line.

Bend the finger tab back and forth until the hook breaks at the score line.

File the ends, slightly rounding the corners.

For a cleaner look I flip over the hook so the top is now at the bottom. The square end will be sharp and could cut into an engine casing when inserting an engine.
Again, file and knock off the corners.


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    1. Hi Anonymous,
      I like the old style engine hooks better, the originals didn't have the longer finger tabs. Sometimes the long finger tabs don't allow the model to stand up on the fin tips.