Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Estes Little Joe I Coming Soon!

On YORF, "The Mole" was the first to find and post
the latest "Coming Soon" announcement from Estes -

It's always interesting to see the parts laid out!
To see the catalog listing, CLICK HERE

The fins are built up with an external card stock skin.
There are new nozzle pieces molded in white plastic.
It uses the old Centuri Mercury Redstone capsule and tower.
I hope Estes improves the tower assembly pictorial instructions. Remember - build it using the old Centuri Mercury Redstone instructions, assemble it upside down!
CLICK HERE to see the instructions

EDIT: In the comments, Openroad let me know the Explorer Aquarius has also been added to the coming soon page -


  1. https://www.estesrockets.com/coming-soon/007253-explorer-aquariustm

    Next up in the bring-back pipeline is the Explorer Aquarius!

    Saturn V CANNOT be far behind, can it?

  2. And speaking of the Saturn V...
    just in case there are folks who hadn't heard of this film: https://www.firstman.com/
    (there is a bit of controversy with a few folks objecting to the film not having a scene depicting the astronauts planting the American flag)