Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Streamer D Rocket Build, Part 1, Parts

This one was built for the Streamer Duration competition at the recent NARAM 60.
Not much here - 
A 9 3/4" long BT-5 tube, balsa nose cone, Kevlar shock cord, three 1/32" thick plywood fins, playwood ordered from BMS and a 2 mil competition streamer kit from ASP. The streamer is 4" wide X 40" long.

There is no engine block, the engine will extend out the back and get a wrap of tape for retention.
I raided the spare parts drawer for some of the parts.
I found two BT-5 sized nose cones that would work.

I weighed them both, the Estes plastic nose cone weighed three times what the balsa one did! The balsa cone was reshaped (see above picture for the "before") and about 1/8" was cut off the shoulder to get it to the .02 oz. weight.

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