Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Quest Striker AGM Build, Part 7, Fin Gluing

The body tubes and fins got a shot of filler/primer and smooth sanding.

The root edge gluing areas were scraped with an old X-Acto blade for best adhesion. The troughs in the tail cone were also scraped to remove the filler/primer.

The question was asked earlier - How do you glue balsa fins onto a plastic tail cone?

On the left - the area that makes contact with the tail cone was marked with pencil. This area will get the Beacon Fari-Tac glue. The glue contains acetone that should give better adhesion where balsa contacts the plastic. The rest of the balsa root edges (above and below the gray pencil marks) will get wood glue. Above the pencil marking, the fin is against the body tube. Below the penciled area, the adhesive backed paper wrap adheres better to the balsa than bare plastic would.

I used my Odd'l Rockets FinTool to line up and hold the fins while the two different glues dried.

The smaller forward fins are glued on in line with the low fins.

A wrap of masking tape was used to line up the bottom corner of the trailing edge.

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