Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Vashon Valkyrie II Build, Part 10, Red Paint

Only the nose cone and fins are painted on this one. I'll be using gloss red, just like the catalog cover picture.

This is a rare model there the fins are painted off the model. The root edge gets slipped into a "rail" on the body. They first got a white undercoat.
Notice the dulled right side, lightly sanded with 400 grit. All I do is knock off the gloss a bit without sanding through to the wood.
I can't just tape the fins down onto the cardboard, paint could seep under the edge making a rough mess.

Under each fin is a circle of masking tape, sticky side out. This floats the fin above the cardboard. Sprayed from above the underside edges won't get any paint and stick to the board.

Be sure to let the paint dry thoroughly before flipping it over onto the tape circle to spray the other side.

The nose cone was also sprayed gloss red. This turned out to be one of the smoothest gloss finishes I've ever had!

The printed parachute tube was a bit marred. I used a Sharpie to color in some of the white edges and seam.

The checker print was badly done. The stripe widths are uneven.
I could probably do better using the Contact paper blackboard vinyl. We'll see -

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