Monday, September 24, 2018

Quest Striker AGM Build, Part 6, Rounding The Fins Leading Edges

The fins are two piece assemblies. The forward strake hasn't been glued on yet.

The instructions don't mention rounding the fin edges, I didn't on the previous build. This time around I decided to round all the outside fin edges.

On the left is the forward strake and main fin with all edges square. To round all the edges you have to do a little extra work for a smooth round transition on the inside angle on the leading edge.

TIP: Sand the leading edge of the strake round before gluing it onto the larger main fin.

After the leading edge of the strake is rounded, glue it onto the larger main fin.

Now you can round the leading edge of the main fin, feathering the round corner into the already rounded edge of the strake.
A sanding block was used to start the rounded edge, from the main fin working up to the inside corner.

Here's how the round leading edges should blend with the rounded inside corner.

On two of the fins some dried glue made it difficult to sand into the corner. I wrapped some 400 grit around a Q-tip stick so light pressure could be applied for the sandpaper to "cut" into the corner.

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