Saturday, September 29, 2018

Quest Striker AGM Build, Part 11, Nose Cone Fix and Decals

I got a pretty smooth coat of red on the nose cone except for a little dust fuzz.
This is one of those times where the decal could cover up that area if the fuzz is gone. I can sand down the raised thread.

To keep control over the width of the sanded area, I wrapped some old 400 grit around a Q-tip. This re-used sandpaper is probably closer to 800 grit by now.

I sanded in a straight line keeping the sanded strip in a narrow rectangle.

These are the nose cone decals. The clear border outside the black print will cover and shine up any roughened finish.

Sometimes laying a decal over a color break mask makes things more interesting. This is close to how the Astra 2000 was shown in the Enertek catalog.

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