Saturday, May 11, 2013

Quest Q2G2 Igniter Ideas

A forum post mentioned that some have had trouble using the straw with the newer Quest Q2G2 igniters.

The Quest instructions say to install the igniter in the nozzle and then press the straw in.

I crimp the straw with my thumbnail making a crescent shape out of the end. This makes an easier fit around the two wires.

The inset picture better shows the shape of the straw end.
You can see how this fit better in the nozzle to the side of the wires.

As always, the black pyrogen must make contact with the propellant for ignition. Push the black end all the way into the nozzle without forcing.
Press the straw in without forcing. If you bend the straw you are pressing too hard.

The Q2G2 igniters are the best for clusters. I've used them in my Semroc Defender 3 engine model. If you are careful with how you twist the long wire ends it only requires two micro clips.
The Q2G2s are also great for models where the engine is far up inside the model, like the Semroc Point or Odd'l Rocket's Up!Cup. No extension wires are needed making connections simple.

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