Saturday, August 23, 2014

Carded Downscale Black Brant VB - Part 6 Laminated Fins B

Before cutting, study the fin at the right.

Look for the small dashed lines near the middle. After folding this will be the rounded leading edge.

Note the upper side of the fin is slightly larger than the lower side. This is to insure full red ink coverage on the larger side after the fin is cut out.

After folding and gluing the fin will be cut out through all three layers on the ROOT EDGE side.

First, score the dashed line using something blunt like the tip of the butter knife shown in the inset picture.

Use a straightedge and not much pressure to score a line down the middle using the dashed lines as an end point.
It is important that the embossed fold goes right down the dashed lines.

Cut out the fins outside of the edges.

First fold gently by hand then use your burnished to make a sharper crease down the embossed line.
This fold doesn't have to be razor sharp!
It should end up being a rounded edge.


  1. Working late I see. It's still 8/22 here in CA - for another hour.. I'm up looking at your Reflector (or perhaps Ltl Hustler) on e-bay. I just finished one and think it would be a good compare point to see just how far I still need to progress.

  2. Hi Scott,
    Yeah, I'm usually up to 2 a.m., I seem to get my best work done late at night.
    I'm from California, from Watsonville, in the center of the Monterey Bay. I miss the dryer air, it was easier to get spray painting done!

  3. I know the area well, I used to live in Salinas, now I'm in Fairfield, CA. Going to a Lobster Fest in Seaside Next Weekend (Labor Day) at a friends house.