Monday, August 11, 2014

Cool Nose Cone Mask

Daniel Petrie emailed me asking how to paint a nose cone into quadrants, from the shoulder to the tip.
He sent me some pictures of the finished model.
For the full story, CLICK HERE

Daniel made a marking guide out of a paper strip, folded into fourths and marked.
The marks were transferred onto the nose cone shoulder.

He decided to do more of a checkerboard pattern. The Crossfire nose cone is straight at the shoulder then is conical up to the tip.

Here is the mask for the two lower checks. Daniel got great results using Frog Tape.

The lower checks were sprayed black.
All that was masked off and the upper nose cone taper masked.
He did this by eye, looking down the nose cone from the shoulder marks intersecting with the tip.

Here's the finished nose cone.

These are great results considering it's only his second rocket build!

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