Sunday, August 24, 2014

Carded Downscale Black Brant VB - Part 7 Laminated Fins C

The tip was cut off (above the "R" in ROOT) and some of the excess off the outside edge.
Cutting off some excess lets you to see where the rolled over leading edge contacts  the interior cardboard.

Do a dry fit over the straight edge of the cereal box cardboard before gluing.
On the left the top of the leading edge fold isn't all the way down onto the interior cardboard edge.
The right side inset picture shows contact at both the top and bottom of the leading edge.

Set a clean piece of paper on your work area to glue coat the fin covering.
Glue stick is applied to one half of the inside surfaces.
(Doing this on a piece of paper allows you to glue up to and over the edges of the overlay)
Use a stick to hold down the side you just glue coated and coat the other side.
(Don't use your fingers to hold down the overlay. They'll just get glue on them and could stain the printed surfaces.)

Press the leading edge over the cardboard edge first -
This insures good contact at the leading edge and the interior "V" fold.
Then press down the sides working from the leading edge down.

Burnish the skins down.
Don't let the black print on the Sharpie rub onto the fins!

Set the fins into a heavy book and let dry for a few hours.

TIP: How do you know if the glue is still wet?
Set the glued piece on your cheek. If it feels cool, it's still wet.
Don't set the card stock fin on your cheek if your skin is oily. the oil will stain the print.

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