Monday, July 31, 2017

Estes Nemesis #2175 Build, Part 7, Fin and Gusset Gluing

The fins are glued on like any other 3FNC model at 120 degrees evenly spaced.
The launch lug is glued on the bottom, centered between the two larger wing fins.
The six gusset strips are glued to the front end, 3 1/2" back from the top of the tube.
GOTCHA: The instructions don't mention that the gussets should be centered around the launch lug line.
Here I've wrapped a piece of paper around the base position 3 1/2" back from the tube front. I use it to line up the rear edge of the gussets.

The model was shot with gloss white.

The inset picture shows the launch lug line between two ofo the upper gussets.

Now the real work starts.
The white undercoats show there are a lot of fillets to sand smooth around the six gussets.

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