Monday, December 17, 2012

Dr. Zooch Saturn V Build Step 3 Fairings Part 2

After the fairings are cut out they are close to a good fit against the BT-60 main tube.
The ends make contact but the the center area is raised in a slight arc.
Note: This picture was flipped so the fairing pointed the same way as in the other pics. This side facing you should actully be black.

Coax the sides down by rolling a dowel over the sides.
Concentrate on the center area between the rear and tip.

This shows the improved fit against the body tube.
On the left side (in both pictures) is the fairing just cut off the BT-20 with no forming.
On the right side (again in both pics) is the fairing rolled over with the dowel.

On the right side picture notice the shape of the reformed fairing on the right side.
The unformed fairing has rounded sides.
The formed fairing (right side) has straight sides with a more triangular shape.

Looking ahead, in Step 6 you'll do some additional rounding of the fairings.

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