Friday, December 21, 2012

Launch! Soccer Field December 20, 2012

7:30 a.m., No wind, cool and clear skies!

First up, the Quest ES-1 ESCORT  with a Quest A6-4.

Arrow straight vertical boost to an estimated 250' with no roll.
At ejection, the chute was out but didn't open up. (I did air it out before launch.)
One rudder fin broken off on landing, clean break at the root edge, an easy repair.
Here's a new one - a variation of the Quest cobalt, the ORANGE.

1" taller than the Quest Cobalt, it was launched with another loud A6-4 engine.
Quest says it'll go 300' on their A6.
The extra inch of body tube lets you pack a small party balloon parachute.

Stable with a slight veer to the North West.
No damage after recovery under a full 12" parachute.

In this B6-4 field, this is a new favorite -
Custom Rockets NOMAD launched with an Estes B6-4.

Very stable with full 12" black garbage bag recovery.
The Quest STRIKER finished off the morning with an Estes B6-4.
325' estimated altitude.

This model launches like a Big Bertha. A little slower and easy to follow from ignition to landing.
This time the 14" Quest parachute easily opened.

On a side note, I caught this one, I try to catch them all if I can.
After I had the rocket, I went after the four pieces of crepe paper wadding.
All four were wadding pieces were caught after I saw they weren't smoldering.
If somebody were videotaping it, the tape would have ended up on YouTube.
I probably looked like an idiot. Or, a bad juggler.

Also flown:
The Centuri SATELLITE 62 SL with an Estes 1/2A3-4t.
Not stable! I could watch the flight path this time and it spiraled off to the west.
Maybe those antenna legs should have remained at 8" long, like in the initial kit release.
A loud ejection POP and no damage on recovery.


  1. "On a side note, I caught this one, I try to catch them all if I can."

    While some of our comrades frown on the practice, catching a descending LPR is one of the most fun parts of the hobby. Besides, we need the exercise :^)

  2. Hi Lonnie,
    If I can prevent any "landing damage" I will!
    Others might frown on catching a model, but most of the schoolyard models I catch are smaller and lighter. Wasn't there always a picture of people catching models in the old catalogs?
    Yes, I do need the exercise. But lately I've been running to pick them up and getting cramps in my calves!