Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Estes Plasma Probe Build Part 3 Engine Mount

I'm jumping ahead to the engine mount assembly.
The engine hook end was cut off to give the model a more retro look.
The lower hook is the before, the upper is after the cut and file.

Score the bend with a wire cutter and carefully bend it back and forth until it breaks. File off the rough end

I'll use Kevlar attached under the forward centering ring.
The forward ring does slide over the end of the engine hook so a small "allowance" was punched for a better fit.
Below that is a small half circle punched for the Kevlar line to pass through.

The instructions have you slide the clear retaining ring against the lower ring. This doesn't allow much movement of the engine hook.

The inset picture shows where the ring was glued, about 3/8" forward of the rear ring.
The Kevlar is tied on after the fillets are applied in the next post.

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