Saturday, July 23, 2011

100% Cotton Shroud Lines

Earlier, I'd found a good shroud line thread before HERE. This was a 76% polyester, 24% cotton blend.

Recently, I found this at a JoAnne's Fabric in Orlando Florida.
It's the closest thing to the old style Estes/Centuri shroud line material.

I've always searched in the general thread section for better shroud line string, not in the embroidery section of a craft store where I found this.

It's strong, the right diameter for LPR and 100% cotton.
It's manufactured in France by the DMC company. It's designation is: DMC Pearl Cotton Balls, #12, #219659.

In the same section, larger spools of 100% cotton string were available in size 10. The size 10 is slightly thicker. There wasn't any larger spools of the Size 12 cotton string.

From the DMC website:
* Size 12 (Art. 116/12) is available on a 131 yard ball in 40 solid colors.
It was $2.79 for 131 yards or 393 feet.
Do the math and it comes out to $.007 a foot, less than a penny a foot!
Some rocket vendors charge from $.04 to $.15 a foot for shroud line.

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  1. Excellent! I'll have to check JoAnne's out.

    I've been using kite string from inexpensive kites my daughters buy and wreck. Seems to take a beating.