Monday, July 4, 2011

ASP Micro Wac Corporal Build Part 12 Decals

The supplied decals were well thought out.

The decals were a favorite part of the build and really add to the final detail.

With the upper decal against the nose cone seam, it sets the lower stripe at the correct distance from the top.
These decals were set in water for over 20 seconds before they slid off their backing.

The lower decal works the same way. The thinner lower band is set over your masked black separation line. The thin band also cleans and squares up any bad mask.
Very smart!

Tying it all together:
The Kevlar is put in the drilled hole at the top of the clear tube and knotted. The knot is inside the clear tube.
The Kevlar line lays in the groove cut into the outside of the clear tube.
The Mylar streamer is taped to the Kevlar line.
Two pieces of Mylar are in the kit. The second is an extra, Mylar can melt easily at ejection.

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