Sunday, July 31, 2011

Quest AS-1 Escort Build Part 12 Mitre Tubes Fit

Here’s a test fit into the nose tube. You can see in the picture it is too large for a slip fit. As explained in the previous step, applying CA glue will stiffen it up enough to be sanded with 400 grit on a block.

It did take a little sanding to get a good fit. The CA coat did help make the gap caps strong enough to be hit with a sanding block.

Step 13
And finally, the fit of the two tubes together.
I was surprised how well they lined up. When glued together it should be plenty strong.

Before gluing, I’ll fill the exposed seams and be sure all the tube ends are squared up and smooth.
Here I’ve masked off a body tube with just the seam exposed.
While the picture just shows the one tube, both tubes were seam masked at the same time. I’ll lay on a thick coat of gray primer, directed in the seams between the masking tape lines.

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