Saturday, July 30, 2011

Quest AS-1 Escort Build Part 10 Gap Caps

Step 11
TIP: Make a center mark on the gap caps before cutting them out. You’ll need it as a reference to get it on the center tube center line.
I wish the gap caps were die cut from heavier card stock. This thin card stop was to floppy. You are given a spare though. I should have cut out both and laminated them together.
A single thickness gap cap was cut out as directed.

After reading about a build of this kit on YORF, the builder mentioned there was no reason make a miter cut on the interior tube. It’s under the cover of the nose tube, it would never be seen! So I didn’t bother making the additional cut.

Edit after build: The inside tube mitre cut would give you a little more room for the wadding and parachute. There is enough room to pack the parachute the parachute the way I made it (without the cut) but the extra 1/2" of room would help.

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