Sunday, July 3, 2011

ASP Micro Wac Corporal Build Part 11 Tiny Tim Detail

The instructions recommend white glue to set the thin black supports in place.
I used white glue for positioning only. Any white glue on the clear surface could easily be picked off with a toothpick afterwards.

In the picture I'm looking down the tube to be sure the black piece is in line with the fins.

Any white glue overflow was taken off the clear tube.

A drop of CA was set on some scrap paper.
Using a toothpick tip, a small amount was transferred just to the top of the black support piece where it contacts the clear tube.
Another small amount of CA was set on the lower end of the support where it met the top of the body tube.

I didn't run CA down the clear tube! Any glue on a clear surface will fog up the plastic. I only wanted to get a little glue on the ends, hoping it would run down the support and glue it more securely.

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