Thursday, July 21, 2011

Semroc IRIS Build Part 21 Oops!

This is what can happen when you take pictures for a blog by yourself. I dropped it!

The IRIS fell hard and broke off two fins. The fin on the left has a pretty good ding in the trailing edge.
Sure, it's all repairable.

I used CWF (without thinning it with water) right out of the tub.
For filling a corner ding like this, the CWF dries much harder and sticks better when used full strength.
A razor blade was used to apply and "trowel" off the filler.
The filler was left wider than the fin thickness so it could be sanded to the flat surfaces of the fin.

After the filler dried, it was sanded down and level with the rest of the fin surfaces.

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