Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cleaning Up - TIP!

I've used the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers with good results on the walls of my house.
It never occurred to me to use them on light colored rockets.

These Scotch Brite erasers less expensive than the Mr. Clean brand.

After all that handling, the lower white area (with the flags) on my Saturn V was getting smudged and a little discolored. I'd painted the model with gloss white. You could imagine how dirty it would have been if it were painted with a flat finish!

Under a running faucet I wet one of the Scotch Brite erasers then wrung out most of the water.

It cleaned up very well and could save a touch up down the road. You can see the dirt it removed on the pad.

NOTE: I'm not going to make any compatibility guarantee with these erasers and the brand of paint you are using. This was done on well cured Rustoleum Gloss White Painter's Touch 2X Coverage spray paint.

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