Monday, July 25, 2011

Quest AS-1 Escort Build Part 3 Engine Mount

Before getting into Step 2 -
I am not a big fan of the thin Quest yellow motor mount tubes.
I understand the history behind them. Harry Stine used this yellow motor “sleeve” so 18mm engines would fit into the 20mm metric MPC tubing. They are strong when glued into a 20mm tube. But when they are used as an exposed tube (hanging out the back of a model) they're too thin and have a rough surface.

NOTE: Do not use a wrap of tape as suggested in Step 2!!!
The yellow motor mount tube WILL NOT fit into the 20mm tube with the tape around it.

I bent the motor clip to the correct curve before using it.
The bent end of the motor clip is set into a pre-cut slit in the yellow tube.
That small “stab” in the tube was crooked and too small for the motor clip end.

Setting the blue thrust ring even with the end of the tube you can see the slit is a little off. If I were to use that slit, the thrust ring would extend beyond the end of the tube end with the clip in place.
The parts supplied (as is) would certainly make a flyable model. I just like my builds to be closer.

I marked the correct location for the hook end and used my hobby knife to make a slit the right width and location.

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