Tuesday, July 19, 2011

LAUNCH! Schoolyard July 18, 2011

7:30 a.m., Soccer field - no wind!

Perfect conditions for the Odd'l Rockets CYCLONE with a 1/2A3-2t engine.

Straight boost to 375' with a little whistle heard from the air passing by the porthole. Clean separation at ejection. The upper single blade spins very fast as it almost hovers, both sections landed close to the launcher.

The FlisKits HONEST JOHN flew flawlessly to 125' with a MicroMaxx engine.

It was followed up by the 13mm Odd'l Rockets UP! CUP with a A10-3t engine. Clean flights from both birds.

My original prototype of the Odd'l Rockets SQUATTY BODY was launched with an Estes A8-3 engine. After dozens of flights, this one is showing a few scars.

Normally I wouldn't launch a B6-4 on the soccer field, but it's a perfect match in the Semroc CENTURION. Altitude was around 325'.
With one of the two 12" parachutes removed it still lands easy enough on the low cut grass.

This was one of those launch days when everything worked as planned.
All were recovered with no dings or repairs needed.

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