Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Semroc IRIS Build Part 11 Gluing Bands

The fins, body tube and nose cone were sprayed with gray primer and sanded.

The tape was removed before sanding the body tube. (You'll have to add back more tape strips before painting the white and black on the body tube.)

I layed a thin bead of white glue to the flat finish side of the band.
That bead was spread out and smoothed with the flat side of a toothpick.

I only applied glue to the widest side of the band first for a single glued wrap.
After the first half of the wrap is in position, glue will be applied to the narrower second half.

While rolling the band, the flat side of my sanding block was used to be sure the band side was flush with the end of the tube.
Any flat surface could be used here, a sanding block is probably not the best choice. It's simply a flat surface to be sure the band is being glued correctly without a "step".

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