Monday, July 11, 2011

Centuri Letra-Line 2 Controller

This is my Centuri Letra-Line 2 Launch Controller from the early 1970s.

This had the same plastic handheld housing as the Centuri Letra-Line 1 but the "2" version connected to a car battery for those rare cluster launches.
The Letra Line 1 was an orange plastic, the Letra Line 2 was black.

You can see them both at Ninfinger HERE
It's complete, except for the safety key. It seems we were always losing those.
Look how thick the leads are! It would take a 12 volt battery to get enough current to the igniter. It's no wonder the wire weight could pull an igniter out of the engine nozzle.

For it's time, it was an ergonomic controller. It fit the hand better than the black Estes Electro-Launch Controller.

The catalog showed the housing to be black with a yellow button and safety key. Every plastic piece I received was black.

Back then I added some red tape to the launch button and brushed a little white paint on the raised Centuri name.
While I still used Estes launch equipment, these Centuri equivalents had a more professional flair.

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