Sunday, July 10, 2011

Semroc IRIS Build Part 7 DIY Making A Coupler

Making a coupler has been covered before, but this one and it's application is a bit different. I've made them out of body tubes but not from stiff, black fish paper before.
There was no Series 11 coupler in my parts box.
I do have a BT-55 coupler. It's slightly bigger so it'll be cut down to size.
It's been marked down it's length for the first cut.

This black fish paper it hard to cut through! Use a sharp knife.

After the cut was made, it was slipped into the Series 11 tube and the overhang marked with pencil.

Cut off the overhang a little oversize, to the side of the pencil line. You'll be sanding it down for the best fit.

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