Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ebay Adventure

I've been selling some rocket kits on EBAY.
I either have duplicates or it's a model I'm not interested in building right now.
There is three lots, two Quest and one Estes.
I have two Quest Intruder kits, one went to one lot, the second in the other.
I sold one Quest lot and boxed it up.

The picture to the left shows the other Quest lot, listed yesterday.
I picked up the second Intruder kit and was wondering why the bag was bunched up. I tried to remove the parts from the bag.

The stick on decal sheet had somehow caught on the instructions and was pulled off the backing, all in one piece!
It's not salvageable and I certainly can't sell the kit without the decals.
The auction for this Quest lot was pulled from EBAY.
Now, what can I design with all the extra parts?

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